Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Sister....The Patron Saint Of Fictitious Christmas Animals.....

As A Follow up to my Last Post.....Christmas Is HEADed Our Way .....
I thought I would tell you how this story has ended.

My sister woke up the next morning and her husband said, "Have you looked outside in the driveway?  She said no.  He said, "I really think you need to look out there. There's something you need to see."  She said, "Why?? Did someone buy us a new car?"

She goes to the window.....and BLAM!! There's Rudolph!!

Meanwhile at my house:
9 AM on the dot....RING RING....."hellooooooooooo"
All I hear is laughter.  She explained how she found him.....and as I suspected....she knew exactly where it came from.  She told me how she was going to post a picture of him on Facebook.  She also said she was having her husband fix his head and she was going to keep it. I was totally pleasantly surprised that after a decade of this....she wasn't pissed.   We had a nice moment there.

Later that day:
I get on facebook to LIKE and LOL on her post.  I see that she has a picture of her "fixed" Rudolph.... and the photo has 30 or more people "liking" it.  Then I started reading the comments.  I figured people would be laughing over the ridiculousness of our story....over "her" history of beheading.  I never expected what I saw next.

People were talking about how "I" ruined Christmas beheading Rudolph.  How they were collecting funds for "MY" therapy.  How "SHE" saved him!!!!

They had banded against me. She used her gifts of persuasion and hot gluing craftiness to turn the population of a small nation against me at Christmas time.

I am shocked!!! I am dismayed!!! I am going to get even!!!


I called "Deer Mother Teresa" about her Hitler-like propaganda against me. She thinks it's cute that everyone loves her for saving Christmas......

She even said one of her co-workers stopped her in the hallway and told her, "Tell your sister to leave Rudolph ALONE!!" She says she told them all the true story......I don't know with this one.  She's crafty remember?

The day turns to evening and Tom had to drop something off at her house.  She sent him back with a little golden box and a note attached.

At this point....I'm pretty much sure that whatever is in this box......even though it is small.....it's going to be decapitated or severed in some way.  Here's the note.......

Notice how the little reindeer in the note doesn't have a nose?? I thought that was odd for Rudolph.  Also, notice how again.....it's just the head....and no body. Hmm. 
This is why..............

THIS is why he had no nose....they cut it OFF!!!  

If Rudolph indeed wrote this note to me....then I have a few questions for him.
Such as:
What kind of  "Reindeer Games" were you at Rudolph?? The Fight Club?? Is this because of the Brad Pitt reference in my last post???   
When you said it was a "caribou delicacy" I thought it might be something a  caribou would eat.  Not something we would eat off of a caribou!!  

I don't think a lovable cartoon character would cut off his nose to spite his face.  But I do think my sister....the "Patron Saint of Fictitious Christmas Animals".....would!  

So there you have it. I'm related to an evil genius.  She's been doing this for years!  All those times you thought she was fixing up "broken" toys and animals.....she was really covering up evidence.  
Here are a few of the fictitious animals she has done in this year alone...... straight from her very own Facebook pages:





Happy Holidays.......

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  1. I can only imagine which sister this is....hmmmm....who could it be???