Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Santa In My Yard....

As many of you know by husband, Tom, goes to the auction house a few times a week.  He spoils me I tell ya.  He really does.  This week he brought home the box lot of broken Christmas decorations that I have been bombarding my oldest sister with.  He did manage to keep one lawn ornament for us.

While I had Mom out Christmas shopping the other day, Tom decided to surprise her by hanging a few Christmas lights.

Side note: (She loves all things Christmas.....I would skip the whole commercial/fantasy aspect of it completely if possible.  We are a house divided.)  Obviously, my husband feels sorry for my mother.

So when we pulled up in the driveway,  we saw icicle lights....peppermint candy lights....a Christmas wreath....and KLAUS!!!!!  Not Santa Clause.  KLAUS!!!! (pronounced :  VERY LOUD with a German accent!!!!)

KLAUS!!!! was made in China.  I think the poor creator of this decoration may have fallen asleep in his "Religious Holidays Of The Western World" class.  I think they got him confused with someone else we know.

However, Tom and I have decided that religion aside.....KLAUS!!!! is just tired.  He's been around the world.....this is his last stop.  He has leaned his head back, stuck out his tongue....held out his arms.....and said, "Fah-git about it!!! I'm DONE!!! Christmas is over!"

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