Sunday, December 8, 2013

Tom's Sick.....

I feel absolutely terrible for Tom.  He has a chest cold.  He's been working like crazy in the cold weather and it has finally gotten the best of him.

Last night he took some cold medicine that knocked him out for a few hours.  So I went to the bedroom to check on him.  When I opened the door, I saw him asleep, unshaven, feet hanging off the bed.....wearing a blue knitted beanie, his hunting jacket, a pair of  Beavis and Butthead pajama pants.....and his crocs.
Now mind you, he wears a size 14 these look like actual crocodiles.  They're rough.

Poor guy....I started to throw my loose change down next to him and cover him up with a newspaper!! It beat all Ive ever seen.  This cold....has humbled the beast.  And turned him into a hobo.

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